Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Theory...

I researched this about 10 years ago and it sits in a notebook in my dresser.   I feel I have found something and wanted to post it as what if I truly have.  My notes go right down the dna sequencing and I will simply transcribe what I wrote.

But I feel that the key to cellular specialization occurs by HcG (what causes)at the G-zero phase (when it occurs) in the zygote and if memory especially was in chromosone 2 and 19.  I am kind of bookmarking this page and expect no one to read it.  But there were markers that were largely ignored in the sequence...what everyone seemed to that by the time you are looking at it, it has done it's job.

This is important in the search for the cure of cancer.  Allow me to pose a question to you?  For those bored enough to be reading this.

Each cell in our body has the same dna.  What the cell does is a matter of what it was "told to do"  What told the cell?   That has been a mystery for some time.

For the record I'm a CPA.  Not a scientist or a biologist just an accountant. So will clean this up but wanted to put those notes up....I do think I found the sequence and even attempted to find a biostatitician to prove the theory..  I feel it can be done mathematically.

In any what told the cell to be a muscle or bone or liver?  Moreover, if the cell had that information why in medical history has no one accidentally grew another heart or lung or arm after birth?   Think about this?  Tumors have been known to have hair and teeth in it...what is unique about teeth?  It is something regenerated after birth.    But not ever ask yourself why?

My answer is, because something was here and now it is gone.  I won't visit this page often and fancy will have me, I'll work on it from time to time.  But the crux of what I am going with is in paragraph 2.

If we find the key to cellular specilization, we find the cure for cancer.  Because my layman brain says cancer is the cell acting differently than it should...what if we told the cell its original instruction?

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